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Dougherty Station Community Center Gallery
17011 Bollinger Canyon Rd San Ramon
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5 pm
Sangita Biswas
Jul 02 - Aug 30 2020 - 16 days left
Sangita Biswas : Folk and tribal art has always depicted the rich cultural and traditional vibrancy of India incorporating themes of woman empowerment, folklore and nature. Many of these indigenous forms of art are gradually going extinct due to automation and economic distress and my work is inspired by a desire to contribute towards their continuing existence by showcasing the different forms in one show for new audiences to enjoy. Art in its traditional forms is the most vibrant and relevant conduit for me connect my two worlds.
Trevor Pawlak
Sep 02 - Oct 29 2020
Trevor Pawlak : To inspire my friends in the autism community. The love of my art washes away my pain in life. Yes, my love for God inspires me to heal my life through my art.
Lenaj/Bianca Caston
Nov 02 - Dec 18 2020
Lenaj/Bianca Caston : Emergent Evolution. As an emerging artist my artwork is evolving. I'm inspired to do abstract work because I love how it evokes different perspectives. My creative process involves creating layers to allow the viewers to look deeper.