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Museum of Craft and Design
2569 Third Street San Francisco
Sunday: 12 - 5 pm, Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
May 23 - Oct 25 2020 - 153 days left
The custom motorcycle scene has exploded in the past years, transitioning from a fringe pursuit into a mainstream phenomenon. The exhibition will display twenty custom motorcycles that epitomize and represent the best contemporary examples of this resurgence. This exhibition will be focused on motorcycle builders based in North America. Curator: Hugo Eccles.
Design by Time
Nov 14 - Mar 14 2021
Design by Time explores how the dynamic passage of time can be embodied within design objects. Instead of being stable and obdurate, the works brought together here embody durational movement. Some designers embrace natural and mechanical processes—the growth of plant materials, the pull of gravity, the transformational potential of fire. Some translate temporal activities into visual forms, such as music and drawing. Examples come from many sectors of the design world: textiles, carpets, vessels, lighting fixtures, fashion, clocks and furniture for example.
Proxistant Vision
Apr 03 - Aug 01 2021
Bull.Miletic is currently working on a research project focused on the surge of aerial imaging technologies such as observation wheels, drones and satellites. Through this research, Bull.Miletic explore what they call proxistance, a cultural technique that combines proximity and distance, close-up and overview, detail and the big picture.