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Modern Eden Gallery
1100 Sutter St San Francisco
+1 415 956 3303
Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm | First Thursdays: 12 - 10 pm
Sep 09 - Oct 05 2023 - 12 days left
Harvest serves as a tribute to the timeless motif of fruits and vegetables in art. Participating artists reimagine the classics, from the pomegranate, symbolic of life and rebirth, to the apple, a potent emblem of knowledge and temptation: Adam Augustyn, Alexis Trice, Amy Guidry, Amy Spassov, Angelique Benicio, Annette Janelle, Arik Ehle, Daniel J Valadez, David Natale, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Dianne Hoffman, E.E. Kono, Forest Rogers, Gabriela Sincich, Heidi Taillefer, Henry Schreiber, Hilary Swingle, J.L. King, Jasmine Worth, Jason Mitchell, Jessica Dalva, Julia Jenkins, Julia Lundman, Juliet Schreckinger, Konan Lim, Lacey Bryant, Lana Crooks, Lauren Saxton, Leon Loucheur, Linda Larson, Martin Hsu, Nadezda, Nunzio Paci, Ransom & Mitchell, Rhea O'Neill, Ryan Martin, Shannon Taylor, Stephanie Jucker, Stephanie Stevenson, Sybiline, Terry Ribera, Zoe Keller. Opening Reception: Sat, Sep 9, 6-9pm.
Dianne Hoffman
Primary Hughes : Re-Emergent
Sep 09 - Oct 05 2023 - 12 days left
In Re-Emergent, Primary Hughes orchestrates a symphony of color and form, creating an atmospheric liminal space between clarity and intrigue. Opening Reception: Sat, Sep 9, 6-9pm.