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The Missing Circle
Sep 08 - Jan 08 2022 - 38 days left
The Missing Circle revisits particular episodes in the region’s political history to explore the role that counted corpses and unaccounted souls play in the world of the living, not only as casualties of institutionalized violence and bare life, but as the emancipating agents at the heart of new political formations. Artists: Pável Aguilar, Carlos Amorales, Edgardo Aragón, Jorge Julián Aristizábal, Adriana Bustos, Fredi Casco, Rometti Costales, Aria Dean, Sam Durant, Pierre Huyghe, Cristóbal Lehyt, Jesse Lerner, Alfredo López Morales, Noé Martinez, Cildo Meireles, Eustáquio Neves Juatuba, Nohemí Pérez, Naufus Ramírez Figueroa, and Carla Zaccagnini. Curator: Magalí Arriola. Opening: Wed, Sep 8, 2-6:30pm.