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Don Soker Contemporary Art
2180 Bryant St, Suite 205 San Francisco
+1 415 291 0966
Friday - Saturday 12-6 & by appointment
Theodora Varnay Jones ''Conversing Between The Analogous''
Sep 09 - Oct 07 2023 - 3 days left
Theodora Varnay Jones’new body of work is distinguished, stylistically complex, and often contradictory. Her layered work is conceptually abstract, yet her carefully chosen materials carry the conversation physically. She creates a dialogue between the similar and contrasting parts of her images; by bringing different angles together, her aim is a new coherent, single depiction. One can sense an affinity to the Baroque era’s sensuous richness, movement, tension, and tendency to blur distinctions between the various genres. Varnay Jones’ utilization of photography, drawing, and uncommon threedimensional materials changes the conventional meaning of drawings. In her three-dimensional pieces, she explores reflections questioning the dominant role of optical reality. Her offered dialogue between components is unsettled, evoking memories and empirical and philosophical questions.