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Christel Dillbohner "Faraway From Where"
Nov 12 - Dec 31 2022 - 35 days left
Don Soker Contemporary Art Christel Dillbohner Faraway From Where Recent Works An exhibition from November 12 - December 31 2022 Visitors please schedule appointment for viewing call/text: 415.291.0966 email: donsoker@yahoo.com
Christel Dillbohner
Nov 12 - Dec 31 2022 - 35 days left
Christel Dillbohner has been exhibiting with Don Soker Contemporary Art for 23 years and this is her 11th solo show with the Gallery. The exhibition includes a selection of her recent archival pigment prints and a group of large mixed media works on paper. Concerning the concept and development of the works in the exhibition, she offers the following statement. “For more than 30 years now, my studio practice has circled around the recording of fleeting impressions and visions in the world at large, capturing and translating notions that arise from the dark crevices in my brain. We know that past experiences are stored in the hippocampus, and that “the process of remembering can’t easily be controlled. It occurs without warning, brought up by a shadowy figure, an odor or flash of light. Only the mind lends substance to the rising sensations” as I wrote for my first solo show with Don Soker in 1998 called Beyond the Visible. Consciously paying attention to how streaks of light can suddenly illuminate the unobserved that is hidden among shadows is an inspiring activity. The conversion of my observations into visual poetry is a forever evolving process. The resulting paintings, drawings and objects can take me by surprise and often reveal new insights. May the recent works presented in Faraway from Where provide a source of inspiration, likely different for every viewer, inducing echoes of recognition and a sense of hope for human kind. As long we stay creative we can serve a common good.” {Quote by Sylvia Brownrigg from “Simultaneity” published in “In Which the obvious path leads the other way. Christel Dillbohner was born in Germany and received her MFA in painting from the FHKöln, former Kölner Werkschule, in 1984. Since 1987 she has lived and worked in California and has exhibited extensively in the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe.