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Bedford Gallery | Lesher Center for the Arts
1601 Civic Dr Walnut Creek
+1 925 295 1417
Tuesday - Sunday: 12 - 5 pm
If A Tree Falls: Art Of The Boundary Oak
Oct 30 - Feb 13 2022 - 66 days left
If a Tree Falls: Art of the Boundary Oak memorializes the City of Walnut Creek’s signature Valley Oak, which tragically fell during a massive windstorm in October 2019. As a tribute to the tree’s long life and rich history, which spanned 325 years, the artists in the exhibition created artworks from its wood, offering this monumental being a second life. Artists: Irene Bee Kain, Danielle Benoit, Chas Blackford, Bonnie Bonner, Peter Brown, Shelley Carlisle, John Cobb, Brian Condran, Suzy Elsworth-Heithcock, Kathleen Farros-Hoeppner, Jane Fisher, Garth Fry, Susan Fuller, Bushra Gill, Lisa Glicksman, Louis Goldman, Annette Goodfriend, Ellen Håkensen Faris, Clint Imboden, Michael Jesse, Ken Joye, Kyung Min Kim, Mark Knize, Maureen Langenbach, Peter Langenbach, Sarah Lee, David Lew, Paul Lin, Christine Loehrlein, Maggie Mackinlay, Robert Mackinlay, Jeffrey Maylath, Claudette McDermott, Lisa McElroy, Ann McMillan, Peter McNeill, Julie Meridian, Andrew Messer, Michelle Mongan, Tsungwei Moo, Elise Morris, David Morris, Leslie Norgren, Sheridan Oakes, Michael Palace, Celena Peet, Sam Perry, Christopher Pickslay, Daniel Powell, Anne Ross, Jack Shipman, Mary Shisler, Daniel Southard, Ariel Strong, Kerima Swain, Nick Taylor, Netsanet Tesfay, Beau Thomas, Kelsey Thomas, Josef Twirbutt, Adon Valenziano, Marc Waidelich, Ruth Waters, Kim Wolfe. Opening Reception: Sat, Oct 30, 3-5pm.
Irene Bee Kain