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1337 4th St San Rafael
+1 415 451 8119
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm | until 8 pm 2nd Friday
Skulls and Roses | Calaveras y Rosas : remembrance and rebirth | recuerdo y renacimiento
Oct 01 - Nov 12 2021
Skulls and Roses is about remembrance, rebirth and transformation in correlation with San Rafael’s Día De Los Muertos celebration. Artists: Timothy Armstrong, Vincent Avalos, Benjamin Benet, Harry Caldwell, Craig Coss, Linyu Diaz Arroyo, Marlee Durand, Matthew Felix Sun, Timothy Flanagan, Andrea Flores, Jo Ford, Django Golden, Vicki Gunter, Zoe Jackson, Jose Jimenez, Ruben Joy, Stephanie Jucker, Eric Kelly, Tom Kirk, Antonia Lawson, Sanda Manuila, Barbara McLain, Jeanette Monterio, Irene Schlesinger, Mary Serphos, Siana Smith, Andrea Speer Hibbard, Eliza Thomas, Paulette Traverso, Camilo Villa, Raffi Zaroukian. Juror: Camilo Villa. Opening Reception + Art Walk: Fri, Oct 8, 5-pm. Closing Reception + Art Walk: Fri, Nov 12, 5-pm.
Nini Lion : Color, Line, Shape, and Gesture
Oct 08 - Oct 08 2021
Nini Lion has always been intrigued by figures—their character and attitude. My abstract paintings are based on life drawings seen through the lens of color, line, and texture. Opening Reception + Art Walk: Fri, Oct 8, 5-pm.