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Schnetzler Photography : Spotlight
Aug 22 - Dec 19 2020 - 23 days left
Greta & Manu Schnetzler have had a longstanding interest in night photography as reflected in the variety of subject matter and places depicted in their work.
Nov 21 - Dec 19 2020 - 23 days left
Shattering traditional boundaries through imaginative interpretation of Fragments. Juror's Choice Award Artists: Sara Fahling, David Olivant, David Yoas. Featured Artists: Diane Abt, Michael Acker, Cynthia Brannvall, Tommi Lou Carosella, Colette Crutcher, Gina D'Emilio, Laurence Elias, Sara Fahling, Deborah Benioff Friedman, Brent Hayden, Izumi Iwai, Kwang Yeol Kim, Joseph Kowalczyk, Tara Kuhn, Ezra Mara, Mary Mazziotti, Lilianne Milgrom, Stephen Namara, Kristina Nobleman, David Olivant, Cheryl Prisco, Sally Kristina Smith, Jill Stoll, Matthew Felix Sun, Randy Titchenal, Ilina Todorova-Moreno, Christopher Troutman, Mira M. White, Diane Williams, Dave Yoas. On-line Gallery Artists: Christine Alfery, Andrew Arthur, Ann Artz, Jayne Biehn, Jan Blythe, Cynthia Brannvall, Renee Caouette, Delaney Conner, Robyn Day, Dyanna Dimick, Gene Erickson, Harriet Garfinkle, Kathryn Gastelum, Marianne Hall, Natalia Hannon, Ebonee Hansen, Sharon Harper, Karl X. Hauser, Brent Hayden, John Hundt, Lynne Johnson, Sherry Karver, Lita Kenyon, Lucy Lamphere, Bonny Leibowitz, Rosanna Lyons, Angie Meche Kilcullen, Sarah Meftah, Nance Miller, Melissa Mohammadi, Sergio Nates, Robert Oehl, Kelly Robert, Stephanie Robinson, Amrita Singhal, Christa Stephens, Jacquelyn Strycker, Nina Temple, Terry Tsu, Weiting Wei, Christy Wittmer. Juror: Jen Tough. Opening Reception: Sat, Nov 21, 7-9pm
Mira M. White
Uncommon Threads
Nov 21 - Dec 18 2020 - 22 days left
Uncommon Threads features artists who create textiles made from non-traditional materials such as wire, buttons, video tape, bottle tops, K-cups and moth cocoons. Artists: Suzane Beaubrun, Dale Eastman, Rachel Leibman, Mariana Nelson, Sasha Silveanu. Opening Reception: Sat, Nov 21, 7-9pm. Artist Talk: Tue, Dec 8, 7-8pm.
Magnetic Pull
Jan 16 - Feb 20 2021
Bay Area Photographers Collective Group Exhibition. Curators: Daniel Nevers, Jennifer Brandon.
48 Pillars
Feb 27 - Apr 05 2021
Twenty-four local Bay Area artists will each produce two companion pieces or diptychs on identically sized 48” x 12” x 1 5/8” panels.
Apr 10 - May 08 2021
SpArcX : Arc Studios & Gallery 10th Anniversary Celebration & Exhibition
May 15 - Jun 12 2021
In 2020, the word, “home” took on great significance as a place of shelter from the corona virus pandemic. The home became a place of refuge and a trap, a place to protect loved ones and a place that incubated and spread the deadly virus within its walls. ​Juror: Susan Aulik.
Cut Me Loose
May 15 - Jun 12 2021
Celebrate the art of collage with collages made by local artists during the Collage-a-Rama collage-making sessions at Arc Gallery. Artists: Carrington Arredondo, Beth Ashcroft, Glenn Bachman, Johnny Botts, Dianne Hoffman, Priscilla Otani, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Steve Sweetser, Stephen C. Wagner, Tanya Wilkinson. Artist Talk: Sun, May 9, 11am.
Dianne Hoffman