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Sweet Heat
Jun 20 - Jul 20 2024 - 5 days left
Justin Natividad: Sweet Heat opening on June 20th at VillageOneArt presents a vibrant exhibition of Natividad’s works celebrating the male figure, demonstrating both painterly technical prowess and a flair for figuration. Evincing intimacy, idealized beauty and a keen attention to the bare flesh shining in the heat of summer, “Sweet Heat” welcomes the warmth and freedom of the season. The exhibit invites in the seasonal rhythm, as the artist notes that figures evoke, “…the tangle and weave… conjuring a mood and visual language specific to a warm summer's day.” Natividad pays careful attention to the warm light playing along the contours of his carefully modeled figures, at times centering the beautiful torsos of his models, while in other paintings his models holding a transfixed gaze reminiscent of Renaissance portraits of martyrs in the throes of spiritual ecstasy. Where Natividad shines as a painter is his ability to capture the undulating musculature of his figures along with their taut skin in careful detail in two dimensional form, building tones of flesh in a skillful manner and style hearkening back to Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens. Natividad keeps his imagery focused and impactful, presenting a figure's torso or a face in profile with minimal background. He hones in on distinct details of these male paragons of beauty, forming a snapshot that evokes the tenacious memory of lounging bodies soaking up the sun on halcyon summer days gone by.