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Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Davina Semo : My Powerful Wish
Mar 02 - Apr 08 2023 - 14 days left
Comprising new iterations of the artist’s well-known bronze bells, reliefs, and chain works, as well as new explorations in woven metal mesh adorned with colorful aluminum letters, the show is a testament to Semo’s dedication to fully exploring an idea, and her restless drive for innovation. Opening Reception: Thu, Mar 2, 6-8pm.
Jo Nigoghossian : The Eastern European Collection and Doll E. Deville
Mar 02 - Apr 08 2023 - 14 days left
A succinct presentation of four new oil paintings—three of her signature flowers, and one of a burlesque performer—the show nicely distills Jo Nigoghossian’s preoccupation with melding traditional technique and subjects with psychologically charged, often morally ambiguous and incongruous details that work to destabilize a viewer. Opening Reception: Thu, Mar 2, 6-8pm.