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Monday - Friday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Weaving Abstract Stories
May 16 - Sep 09 2024 - 53 days left
The exhibition features the work of a group of nine artists who utilize abstract, figurative references, personal concepts, language, nature and materials to create stories from ideas and themes about what is going on in the world and what they are thinking about: Janet Goldner, Sika Foyer, Veronika Sviatetska Fox, Donchellee Fulwood, dele jegede, Koren Martin, Fatou Ridgird, Umang Shah, Musah Swallah. Curators: Atim Annette Oton, Jasmine Dyer.
Donchellee Fulwood
Atim Annette Oton {Curator}