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Royal Society of American Art
400 S 2nd St Brooklyn
+1 718 384 0902
Friday: 12 - 3 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm
War and Peace
Apr 22 - May 22 2022 - 3 days left
This open call invites artists that explore the ideas of pain, death, loss, relocation, and fragility of life, but also works that celebrate life and regeneration after the disaster. Artists: Jeremiah Jossim, Batoul Ballout, Vanessa Spollen, Yulia Gasio, Frank Olt, Elena Chestnykh, Haley Hughes, Dasha Bazanova, Dave Alexander, Denise Sfraga, Helmut Richard Reinelt, Jamie Louis Holman, Eric Araujo, Anatolii Kazymyrchuk, Brian McCormack, Svetlana Kalashnikova. Curators: Amelia Biewald, Jason Clay Lewis, Maria Petrovskaya, Zak Vreeland. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 22, 7-9pm.
A Drop in the Bucket {online exhibition}
Apr 22 - May 22 2022 - 3 days left
We are living in a time of chaos. War, disease, natural disaster, terrorism, economic crisis, and whatever else that may happen in the future, if you look at the long term, are just a drop in the bucket. Artists: Erik Benson, An He, Ke Liu, David Opdyke. Curators: Jason Clay Lewis, Yizhe Huang. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 22, 7-9pm.