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High Line Nine Galleries
507 W 27th St New York
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Galleries: Tue-Sat: 10am-6pm | Cafe: Sun-Wed: 7am-10pm, Thur-Sat: 7am-11pm
Proto Hologram
Dec 19 - Feb 28 2023 - 20 days left
Proto hologram is the original maker of hologram devices and platforms for holoportation. They are award-winning, patented, certified cybersecure, and in use globally in telecommunications, enterprise, health, art, education, entertainment, fashion, retail and more.
Chellis Baird | Jim D'Amato : Reverberation
Jan 12 - Feb 11 2023 - 3 days left
Reverberation captures the dialogue of two artists pushing the boundaries of contemporary abstraction and the synergy between their bodies of work. Chellis Baird creates complex visceral pieces by deconstructing and then reconstructing a wide array of materials, while Jim D’Amato uses line and flat space to create intricate biomorphic works. Curator: Josh Campbell.