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Spread Love: A Mini Mural Installation
Sep 24 - Dec 10 2022 - 7 days left
Unfamous NY presents Spread Love: A Mini Mural Installation. The exhibition features an array of multidisciplinary local artists coming together to create a variety of mini murals with themes ranging from environmental awareness to mental health awareness, and more. Featuring: 143, BG 183 Tats Cru, Beetlebob, Beya Rodriguez, Blue Afro, Caryn Cast, Cnone, Frank Ape, Hiraku, Hiss, Lexi Bella, LoveNotes, MadVaillan, Muffin, Marco Santini, ProtectYoHeart, Poler, Subway Doodle, Uncle Robert, Unfamous NY, Keops, Vewer, Zera. Opening Reception: Sat, Sep 24, 11am- 5:30pm.
Tats Cru {Artist}