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Broodthaers Society of America | MBnb
520 W 143rd St, No. 2 New York
+1 917 293 3507
Thursday - Saturday: 1 - 6 pm
Confessions of the Century
Oct 10 - Dec 12 2021 - 14 days left
Confessions of the Century continues the Broodthaers Society of America’s interest in the idea of work—what it means to work, or to make work, or to work for a living—and to what extent these ambits might relate and overlap. Artists: Louis Cameron, Mina Han, Lily Healey, Otis Houston, Jr., Jiří Kovanda, Ellen Lesperance, Judith Shahn, Trupa Trupa. Opening Reception: Sun, Oct 10, 2-5pm.