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New Open Letters
Oct 09 - Jan 15 2023 - 49 days left
Over the summer, the Broodthaers Society of America acquired sixteen of Marcel Broodthaers' Open Letters, a string of missives he composed and mailed as the founding Director of the Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles. By turns poetic, political, and elegiac, Broodthaers' Open Letters announced the ambition of his fledgling institution and probed its affective relationship to the wider world. To celebrate this acquisition, we've asked sixteen American artists and writers to compose "new" open letters, letters that will honor the influence of Broodthaers' original documents by taking up the mantle of speaking to the world now, in 2022: Alex Bag, Octavia Butler, York Chang, Lynse Cooper, Sam Durant, Studio Ercan-Li, Bean Gilsdorf, [hidden track], Vincent Johnson, Agnieszka Kurant, Jin Lee, Hirsch Perlman, Rit Premnath, Abigail Ramsay, Kathryn Scanlan, Roberto Tejada, Simon Wu. Opening Reception: Sun, Oct 9, 2-5pm.