❮ New York
Hashimoto Contemporary NYC
54 Ludlow St New York
+1 212 477 4759
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
So Youn Lee : Over The Moon
Jun 18 - Jul 09 2022 - 9 days left
Known for her ethereal, dream-like aesthetic with explosions of color and texture, So Youn Lee’s work centers around a child-like, genderless character named Mango. Through Mango, she reflects her contemplation of 'what is the essence of being human', and portrays the ideals and struggles of human existence. Openin Reception: Sat, Jun 18, 6-8pm.
Rachel Strum : Interference
Jul 23 - Aug 13 2022
Visually investigating the relationships between abstract and representational, elusive and tangible; the artist builds imagined landscapes inspired by science fiction and natural phenomena. Working with multiple media, Rachel Strum builds layered scenes that tow the line between representation and abstraction. Artist Reception: Sat, Jul 23, 6-8pm.