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Exodus VII: Matriarchive In Resistance
May 05 - Jun 30 2022 - 45 days left
This exhibition is the premiere worldwide activation of the Mexican-Lebanese pioneer ecofeminist architect Josefina Mena’s archive reconsidered within the contemporary paradigm of New York’s present-day artistic, cultural, environmental, and socio-political scene. The exhibition also presents works by artists who activate the archive: Ivan Navarro and Courtney Smith, Mike Hoolboom, Jorge Lozano, Lilia Ziamou, Sa’dia Rehman, María Evelia Marmolejo, Roland Gebhardt, Fuentes Rojas (Red Fonts) / Tania Andrade Olea y Claudia Baez. To visualize the breadth of themes of the matriarchive, the following writers and curators participate: Semíramis González, Kate Aydin, Blanca de La Torre, Karen Cordero, Simonetta Moro, Lia Gil Antunes and Iair Rosenkranz. Curator: Yohanna M. Roa. Opening: Wed, May 11, 6-9pm.
Yohanna M Roa