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Saturday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm
Rhapsody Tentacular
Feb 24 - Apr 07 2024 - 33 days left
The exhibition engages both the form and essence of a rhapsody. Participants: Jessica Mensch, Emily Pelstring, John Felix Arnold, Jesi Cook, Amari Jones, Leo Ryan, University of North Carolina Wilson Special Collections Library (Organized by Sarah Carrier and Nadia Clifton), Straw Pipes (Stonie Clark and lele dai), Kathleen Granados, Janine Lai, Sarah Crofts, Weihui Lu, Rachel Allen, Stephen Ira, Justin Kamp, Eva Swiecki, Alice Cohen, Anthony Sertel Dean, Andy Demczuk, Nat Evans, Zachary Keeting, Chanteclair/Katie Kotler, Joe Moffett, Kate Mohanty, Now That’s What I Call Girl Talk (Lyle Daniel and Arthur Sillers), NTHNL, Mike Santiago, Frank Schellace, Ronen Shai, Kate Sherman, Joel St. Julien, Bob Szantyr. Curator: SiSi Chen. Opening Reception: Sat, Feb 24, 5-8pm.