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44-19 Purves St Long Island City
+1 718 361 1750
Thursday - Monday: 12 am - 6 pm
Tania Pérez Córdova : Generalization
Sep 23 - Dec 11 2023 - 2 days left
The exhibition presents a reading of Tania Pérez Córdova’s work through issues that her artistic endeavors have sought to address: the passage of time, the nature of materials, the gaze of the other, the imminence or possibility of an action, the way in which we assign value to objects, negative space, and more recently, the insufficiency of discourse.
Julian Abraham Togar : Too good to be OK
Sep 23 - Dec 11 2023 - 2 days left
Too good to be OK continues and builds upon Julian Abraham Togar’s long term work with sound, ranging from percussive signals in urban spaces to shared communication through music, bands, and jamming.
Devin T. Mays : In Practice
Sep 23 - Dec 11 2023 - 2 days left
Devin T. Mays makes work through ongoing encounters with objects and fragments ranging from excavated concrete to tree branches, feathers, dirt, steel beams, and light fixtures, with the same eroding materials sometimes staged and re-staged across exhibitions.