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Corpus: Landscapes of Memories and Eternal Sprouting
Aug 29 - Sep 30 2022 - 3 days left
The artists in this exhibition, Corpus, explore the complex and fragmented Latine/@/X identity through representations of the body, reflection, presence, and autonomy. In thinking about the body as a vessel of memories, sentimientos, and compartmentalized traumas – and its direct relationship to change, growth, and healing – the artists use the body as a medium to tell a personal narrative and explore a perpetual sense of belonging: Lydia Allende Hernandez, Mateo Arciniegas Huertas, Julio Cardenas-Arana, Andrea Garcia, Felix Lugo, Ariana Milan, Emily Morillo, Kristina Naso, Christian Ocampo, Dariana Portes, Madeleine Riande, Andrea Robles, Aysia Ciel Ramirez Segura, Gina Somma. Curator: Constanza Valenzuela. Location: The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery.