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Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46th Ave Long Island City
+1 347 848 0030
Thursday - Friday: 5 - 9 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 1 - 9 pm
Luminous: The Art of Neon
Feb 09 - Apr 30 2023 - 36 days left
Luminous : The Art of Neon is an exhibition showcasing the vibrant and dynamic world of neon art, featuring works that explore the medium's unique ability to capture and transmit light. Curators: Kenny Greenberg, Tess Howsam. Opening Reception: Thu, Feb 9, 6-9pm.
Anonymouslyاز Iran
Feb 09 - Mar 26 2023 - 1 day left
The aim of this exhibition is to amplify the voice of Iranians who are and have been bravely defying tyranny and protesting for their freedoms through the lens of art. This exhibition, featuring sculptures, installations, paintings, digital media, and performance art, is a celebration of the incredibly courageous Iranian people, especially the women of Iran, and its culture. Opening Reception: Thu, Feb 9, 6-9pm.
Diverse Streets Initiative : Solidarity & Safe Spaces
Mar 04 - Mar 26 2023 - 1 day left
Diverse Streets Initiative presents Solidarity & Safe Spaces. Artists: Adriana Taboada, Bridget Bartolini, Cecilia Lim, Catherine Heller, Elliot Johnson, Erick Tehran, Kim Chan, Kyra Cuevas, Janine Wang, Nafisa Ferdous, Ron Hall, Robert Thibault (DJ TRS). Opening Reception: Sat, Mar 4 9, 4-8pm.
Diverse Streets Initiative {Curator}
Cristián Pietrapiana : Weather Report
Apr 01 - Apr 30 2023
Weather Report is a selection of five years of work on climate change by Cristián Pietrapiana. In this series of work on paper, the artist combines news, headlines, images, lines and painting that comment on the different aspects of our climate crisis. Opening Reception: Sat, Apr 1, 6-9pm.
Cristián Pietrapiana
Past Tense / Future Infinite
Apr 01 - Apr 30 2023
Art that reflects a new sensibility as we look toward the future with what we learned from these years of isolation. Curators: Janet Rutkowski, Karen Dimit. Opening Reception: Sat, Apr 1, 6-9pm.