❮ New York
Phoenix Gallery
548 W 28th St New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 11:30 am - 6 pm
Christa Toole
Aug 01 - Aug 31 2020 - 17 days left
Christa Toole’s work explores the subjects of space, energy and transformation. Using paint, thread, wax and other materials in her work, the work evokes the concept of the transmutation of energy.
Laura Westby
Sep 01 - Sep 30 2020
Laura Westby's decisive yet delicate color pallette and direct compositions evoke those peripheral American places that are somehow everywhere and nowhere but reassuringly familiar.
Marsha Heller
Oct 01 - Oct 31 2020
Marsha Heller : My work is evocative of nature in many guises, whether a painting of a sky fragment in various brilliant and subtle colors, a vase of flowers of real or imaginary variety, or the serendipitous results of working in encaustic and seeing where the material leads me.
Harriet Sobie Goldstein
Nov 01 - Nov 30 2020
Harriet Sobie Goldstein is a versatile artist who paints landscapes and abstracts in oil on canvas. Her forte is her use of color to heighten emotional intensity.
Scott Wixon
Dec 01 - Dec 31 2020
All kinds of abstract elements crowd Mr. Wixon’s modestly sized canvases. Puzzling together biomorphic, expressionistic, geological, spacey, and funky forms in confectionery colors, he creates dense jazzy improvisations of infectiously playful freedom.