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Saturday - Sunday: 12 - 7 pm
Amy Butowicz : Boudoir Theatre
Nov 21 - Jan 10 2021 - 45 days left
Amy Butowicz : Boudoir, from the French verb bouder, to sulk or pout. The boudoir or pouting room, originated in mid-eighteenth century France as a place for women to retire, in private, in order to sulk, pout, relax and shed their bad mood. The development of the boudoir extended the privilege of a space for the private mind to women. By the nineteenth century the boudoir became a site for the convergence of pleasure and power. The room became saturated with sexuality and both eroticized and fetishized female privacy. “The boudoir is regarded as the abode of delight; here she seems to reflect on her designs and yield to her inclinations.” Private Outdoor Opening Reception: Sun, Nov 15, 1-8pm.
Amy Butowicz