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Andrea Kantrowitz: Unbound: Drawings from the book, Drawing Thought
Sep 06 - Oct 01 2022 - 4 days left
The Painting Center is pleased to present Unbound: Drawings from the book, Drawing Thought by Andrea Kantrowtiz, which will be on view from September 6 to October 1, 2023. Unbound is an exhibition of original drawings from the book, Drawing Thought: How drawing helps us observe, discover, and invent, published by MIT Press in 2022. A broad range of drawings, from observation, imagination, and everything in between, are represented in the book and in this exhibition. The varied and lively works demonstrate how drawing is a way of constructing ideas and observations as much as it is a means of expressing them. In the book, Drawing Thought, Andrea Kantrowitz interweaves drawings and text, integrating recent findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with accounts of her own artistic and teaching practices. Through her examples, she aims to inspire others to use drawing to extend and reflect on their own thought processes. This exhibition provides an opportunity to look behind the scenes, to view some of the original lush artwork that became the book. Andrea Kantrowitz, an artist and educator, is Associate Professor and Director of the Art Education Program at SUNY New Paltz. She leads workshops and symposia on art and cognition around the world. Praise for the book Drawing Thought: “Brilliant, playful, and bursting with wonderfully imaginative drawings, Drawing Thought is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to incorporate drawing into their classroom or spark their own creative excursions. I plan to do both.” - Nick Sousanis, Associate Professor in Comics Studies at San Francisco State University, author of Unflattening “Drawing isn't about making pretty pictures. It's about feeling and learning and engaging with the world. It's about thinking more deeply and living more richly. This gorgeous, erudite book will show you how.” - Danny Gregory, author of The Creative License and Art Before Breakfast “A delight for the mind and the eyes. It will change how you look at art, how you understand art, how you do art, and how art education can be done.” - Barbara Tversky, Emerita Professor of Psychology at Stanford and Columbia Teachers College; author of Mind in Motion For more information on the artist, please visit www.andreakantrowitz.com.
Making is Thinking: An Exhibition of Artist Educators from Columbia University Teachers College
Sep 06 - Oct 01 2022 - 4 days left
The Painting Center is pleased to present Making is Thinking: An Exhibition of Artist Educators from Columbia University Teachers College on view from September 6 to October 1, 2023. This exhibition, curated by Olga Hubard and Andrea Kantrowitz, features work by Kigin Yang, Savannah Nielson, Evelyn Olvera and Carolina Rojas. What ways of thinking does art-making reveal and release? Art-making can give form to thoughts and feelings that cannot readily be put into words. Thinking through materials and with our hands and bodies, we observe, discover and invent, cultivating knowledge and understandings otherwise out of reach. This exhibition explores the ways of thinking that art practice makes possible. Kigin Yang’s drawing installations are carried out in an improvisational manner that foregrounds chance and variability. As one drawn object is assimilated into another, the drawing as a whole grows and changes to reveal or extend new meanings: the process of drawing becomes a continual path of discovery. Using traditional and contemporary textile-making in combination with photography, Savannah Nielson’s work visually represents the concept of memory fading. Bits and pieces of the image are dropped through the negative spaces of the woven substrate, referencing the loss of information as time passes. A multi-media artist based in Los Angeles, Evelyn Olvera uses augmented reality and other traditional and digital media to respond to the housing crisis, gentrification, and the climate crisis. Her work reflects the changes she has experienced in her unique community, attempting to make sense of the generational poverty many low-income families are unable to escape, and how it could be otherwise. Carolina Rojas creates visual installations that resemble natural history collections and cabinets of curiosities and situates them within contemporary cultural contexts. She reimagines traditional scientific illustration to reveal the character of a practice that consists of collecting animals and sacrificing them for display, provoking viewers to reflect on how we relate to nonhuman animals. Catalogue: Unbound & Making is Thinking Catalogue.pdf