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NARS Foundation
201 46th St Brooklyn
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Monday - Friday: 12 - 5 pm
Louis Bouvier : Yet another drifting pile of meanings
Apr 15 - May 20 2022 - 1 day left
Through multiplication of visual strata, Louis Bouvier proposes an interpretation of anachronistic “montage”. The exhibition combines a multitude of media and techniques: metal, bronze, casting, wood, plaster, watercolor, 3d printing, lead, graphite, oil, wooden pencils—this proliferation create new points of contact that, if given the chance, can elaborate a new constellation of links. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 15, 6-8pm. Artist Talk: Thu, Apr 21, 6-7pm.
Texts and Soundings: The Image Talks Back
Apr 15 - May 20 2022 - 1 day left
The exhibition considers the zone of instability in which language is passed from tongue to tongue, knowledge is distorted and reborn, written words and sonic landscapes deceive and delight. Artists: Cesar & Lois, Jessica Bremehr, Ryan Erickson, Sierra Faust, Masimba Hwati, James Parker, Allison Parrish. Curator: Jenny Wu. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 15, 6-8pm.