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Enmeshed, Dreams of Water
Oct 06 - Nov 01 2023
The Immigrant Artist Biennial 2023: Contact Zone. Enmeshed, Dreams of Water explores how new morphologies of identity emerge across time, place, and patterns of self-reflection. Artists: Keren Anavy, Sanié Bokharie, Magdalena Dukiewicz, Carlos Franco, Kathie Halfin, Bonam Kim, Umber Majeed, Jamie Martinez, Jonathan Ojekunle, Sa’dia Rehman, Leila Seyedzadeh, Masha Vlasova. Opening Reception: Fri, Oct 13, 6-9pm | Closing Reception + Artist Panel Discussion: Fri, Oct 27, 6-8pm.
Jamie Martinez
Bonam Kim
Sarah Davidson : Fingery Eyes
Oct 06 - Nov 01 2023
While they often draw directly from ‘nature’, Sarah Davidson’s works diffract distinctions between embodied self and other through a queer ecological lens: critters and space collapse into one another, suggesting a permeable web. Opening Reception: Fri, Oct 13, 6-9pm | Artist Talk: Wed, Oct 27, 6pm.