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LIC-A Art Space
30-30 47th Ave Long Island City
+1 718 581 6477
Daily: 9 am - 9 pm
To Darken, Lightly
Jul 26 - Sep 27 2023 - 1 day left
When considering how light and darkness reveal the world to us so differently when applied to representation or abstract artworks, it can be easy to forget that these two seeming dualities depend on one another: and are, in fact, shifts of light along the same unified spectrum. Artists: Kimberly Abbott, Paria Ahmadi, Daniel Aull, Dino Blanche, Lauren Blankstein, Natali Bravo-Barbee, Sadie Bridger, Andrea Caldarise, January Yoon Cho, Bruna D'Alessandro, Lisa DiClerico, Kate Fauvell, Hayley Ferber, Josefina Fernandez Moran, Kiani Ferris, Jim Fischer, Sherese Francis, Mary Teresa Giancoli, Tina Glavan, Robert Goldkind, Isabelle Gotuaco, Leah Harper, Nina Hellman, Lori Horowitz, Roger Hsia, Ken Jones, Erin Karp, David King, John Kitses, Jin Ko, Laura Lou Levy, Parvaneh Limbert, Alice Lipping, Moss Ying Loke O’Connor, Emily Loughlin, Alyssa Meadows, Hana Mendel, Nancy Merlin, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Rebecca Panos, Daniela Puliti, Anna Rabinowitz, Elena Rivera, Arlene Rush, Heather Renée Russ, Laura Sallade, Lori Sanford-Ross, James Teschner, John M Thomas, Elizabeth Tolson, Pavlina Vagioni, Heather Williams, Sato Yamamoto, Lydia Zoells. Curator: Audra Lambert (ANTE Media | ANTE Curatorial). Opening Reception: Wed, Jul 26, 5-8pm.
Sharilyn Neidhardt
Natali Bravo-Barbee
Erin Karp
Tina Glavan
ANTE Media | ANTE Curatorial {Curator}
Hayley Ferber
Alice Lipping