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A New Family: Curating Korean Diaspora
May 24 - Jul 14 2023 - 39 days left
How has Korean diaspora emerged and developed? How has it engaged with its native country, Korea? This exhibition challenges us to see, encounter, and interact with the Korean diaspora inside and outside of the country, who we might have abandoned and turned away from, but could be new Koreans and a source of influence that we should recognize more rightly and network with in earnest. Artists: Choi Sang-ah, Choi Young-rim, Davy Chou, Hong Jong-myoung, Hwang Yoo-yup, Ju Jeong-i, Jung Bo-young, Kim Ku-lim, Kim Won, Kim Young-joo, Kwon Ok-yon, Lee Hyun-seung, Lee Man-ik, Lee Sang-guk, Lee Seo-hyun, Lim Choong-sup, Paik Nam-June, Park Hang-sup, Park Keun-ho Peter, Park Ko-suk, Park Seoung-seo, Park Yoo-ah, Sen Chung, Sohn Hae-won, Yang Dal-suk, You Hyeon-kyeong. Curator: Choi Jae-won.