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JoAnne Artman Gallery
511 A West 22nd Street New York
+1 949 510 5481
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
STORY LOUPE: Carrie Gillen
Mar 14 - May 31 2024
JoAnne Artman Gallery is pleased to present STORY LOUPE, a solo exhibition of new works by St. Louis artist Carrie Gillen. This body of work explores the limitless possibility of fabric as a canvas. The pleating of the fabric and the interplay of light and shadow become integral components of each composition. Each piece is a section of a larger story—the capturing of motion and energy into a single, solidified moment.
MASQUERADE: Anna Kincaide
Jun 01 - Aug 31 2024
In Masquerade, Anna Kincaide continues her ongoing conversation around female identity, femininity, and autonomy. Communicating emotion and narrative without reliance on the figures’ facial expressions, cascades of flowers cover her subjects to convey anonymity and transformation. These florals become Kincaide’s vehicle for representing the female mind and the often-conflicting ideologies and societal expectations placed on women. The incorporation of elements from Art Nouveau, the Vienna Secessionist Movement, and fashion photography combine with the positioning and outfitting of each portrait to reveal socio-cultural emblems of status and identity, even in the absence of the face. While Kincaide redefines and breaks from these and numerous other art historical canons, it is the defining separation between the body and mind that creates the central theme in her work; the idea of the ambiguity between our physical bodies, personal identity and that private, internal space of the human mind, which expands and unfurls like a flower in bloom. Viscerally visible and tangible, this new series incorporates mixed media components from paper, fabric, and gold leaf application with her chosen medium of oil on canvas.
Nov 14 - Dec 31 2024
As a result of his decades-long autodidactic art practice, Matos’ fluorescent palette, structural boldness, and graffiti influences have become synonymous with his proficiency. Eye-popping canvases and smaller watercolors balance flatness with dimensionality whilst incorporating signature elements of lettering, ocular motifs, lens flare, and decisive slashes of color. Borrowed imagery from popular cartoons including Popeye, Dick Tracy, and Batman gleefully appropriate and excavate visual history to echo Matos’ childhood memories as he delivers collective nostalgia. Ransacking the senses with bright neon and visually fragmented compositions, Matos generates works that reject the mundane. Rooted in his identity as a Bronx-born graffiti artist, having come of age in the hip-hop fueled Bronx of the late 1970s, Matos’ unique style made him an iconic part of the New York City visual landscape, while also pioneering a new age for graffiti in 1980 when he curated the pivotal “Graffiti Art Success for America” exhibition at Fashion MODA. A frequent collaborator, CRASH is continuously engaged in various projects, commissions, and numerous museum shows, with works in many permanent museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Brooklyn Museum (New York), Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Scottsdale), and Stedeljik Museum (Amsterdam). Whether on city streets or gallery walls, concrete or canvas, Matos’ works are instantly recognizable.