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High Line Art
820 Washington St New York
+1 212 500 6035
Pamela Rosenkranz : Old Tree
May 01 - Sep 23 2024 - 70 days left
Pamela Rosenkranz presents Old Tree, a bright red-and-pink sculpture that animates myriad historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth. Location: Spur, at 30th St. and 10th Ave.
Cosima von Bonin : What If They Bark?
Sep 01 - Aug 31 2024 - 47 days left
Cosima von Bonin is a conceptual artist working across painting and sculpture. Von Bonin is a collector — of found objects, materials, images, stories, and references that she assembles with irreverence and dark humor. Location: 17th Street.
Kapwani Kiwanga : On Growth
Nov 01 - Oct 31 2024 - 108 days left
Kapwani Kiwanga presents On Growth, a sculpture of a fern encased in glass that draws on the histories of institutional and commercial botanic nurseries, which heavily influenced the scientific understanding of plants and horticulture of today. Location: Little West 12th Street.