❮ New York
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High Line Art
820 Washington St New York
+1 212 500 6035
Paola Pivi : You know who I am
Apr 01 - Mar 31 2023 - 117 days left
Paola Pivi’s interdisciplinary artistic practice combines the familiar with the bizarre. She is known for transposing live animals and common objects—ranging from helicopters to cappuccinos—to unexpected settings. On the High Line at 16th Street.
Nina Beier : Women & Children
May 01 - Apr 30 2023 - 147 days left
Nina Beier creates still lives in the form of performative sculptures and static assemblages. On the High Line at Little West 12th Street.
Meriem Bennani : Windy
Jun 01 - May 31 2023 - 178 days left
Merging magical realism, absurdist humor, and techniques from a wide range of moving image genres, Meriem Bennani creates video series that tell stories about human behavior and our experiences on- and offline, tackling subjects such as language, displacement, and diasporic living. On the High Line at 24th Street.