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High Line Art
820 Washington St New York
+1 212 500 6035
Faheem Majeed : Freedom’s Stand
Sep 01 - Feb 29 2024 - 83 days left
Faheem Majeed presents Freedom’s Stand, an homage to the role of Black newspapers in the US. Location: 30th Street.
Julia Phillips : Observer, Observed
Sep 01 - Feb 29 2024 - 83 days left
Julia Phillips works in ceramics and metal to create objects and scenes that are intimately connected to the body. Phillips expands on previous work with Observer, Observed, playing on publicly accessible binocular towers commonly found at tourist and scenic destinations.
Yu Ji : Column-Untitled No.3
Apr 01 - Mar 31 2024 - 114 days left
Yu Ji creates installations and sculptures that come alive over the course of their exhibition. Location: 20th Street.
Pamela Rosenkranz : Old Tree
May 01 - Sep 23 2024 - 290 days left
Pamela Rosenkranz presents Old Tree, a bright red-and-pink sculpture that animates myriad historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth. Location: Spur, at 30th St. and 10th Ave.
Gabriel Chaile : The wind blows where it wishes
May 24 - Apr 30 2024 - 144 days left
Gabriel Chaile creates large sculptures, drawings, and installations based on his ongoing research into rituals and popular communal gatherings occurring on the periphery of cities. He uses archetypal materials, forms, and symbols associated with pre-Columbian cultures to create objects and installations that blend Indigenous mythologies and contemporary social themes in a poetic and humorous way. Location: 24th Street.
Baseera Khan : Painful Arc II (Shoulder-High)
Jun 01 - May 31 2024 - 175 days left
Baseera Khan presents a monumental archway made of inscribed tablets. Location: Little West 12th Street.
Cosima von Bonin : What If They Bark?
Sep 01 - Aug 31 2024 - 267 days left
Cosima von Bonin is a conceptual artist working across painting and sculpture. Von Bonin is a collector — of found objects, materials, images, stories, and references that she assembles with irreverence and dark humor. Location: 17th Street.
Kapwani Kiwanga : On Growth
Nov 01 - Oct 31 2024 - 328 days left
Kapwani Kiwanga presents On Growth, a sculpture of a fern encased in glass that draws on the histories of institutional and commercial botanic nurseries, which heavily influenced the scientific understanding of plants and horticulture of today. Location: Little West 12th Street.