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High Line Art
820 Washington St New York
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The Musical Brain
Apr 01 - Apr 30 2022 - 93 days left
The group exhibition reflects on the power music has to bring us together, and explores the ways that artists use music as a tool to inhabit and understand the world. Artists: Rebecca Belmore and Osvaldo Yero, Vivian Caccuri, Raúl de Nieves, Guillermo Galindo, David Horvitz, Mai-Thu Perret, Naama Tsabar, Antonio Vega Macotela.
Ibrahim Mahama : 57 Forms of Liberty
Apr 01 - Mar 31 2022 - 63 days left
Ibrahim Mahama presents an inverted manufacturing tank with a tree sprouting from its mouth as a reflection on the relationship between industrial histories and the persistence of nature.
Hannah Levy : Retainer
Apr 01 - Mar 31 2022 - 63 days left
Hannah Levy presents her first public artwork, an oversized orthodontic retainer from carved marble and stainless steel, in conversation with the architecture and design of the park and its surroundings.
Sam Durant : Untitled (drone)
May 01 - Aug 31 2022 - 216 days left
Sam Durant’s monumental fiberglass sculpture in the shape of an abstracted drone atop a 25-foot-tall steel pole continues High Line Art’s mission of presenting new, powerful, thought-provoking artworks that generate and amplify some of today’s most important conversations.