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GREEN: Monsters, Money, Love, Luck and Lucifer
Mar 07 - Mar 23 2024
If one could point to one color emblematic of the profound ambivalence and exasperating contradictions of the times we live in, green would clinch the role. Whilst cast as a symbol of life, luck, and hope, it also signals disorder, greed, and poison. For artists, green pigments were known to be notoriously unstable even when locked in resinous glazes--hence blackened passages once depicting flowing pastures and the earned moniker “the devil’s color”. At best, green is mercurial, the mutable and fleeting aspects of childhood, love, and money. And yet, the romantic sees green as the soothing color of nature, and for environmentalists, a rallying call to save the planet. Equity invites its member artists and allied practitioners to submit works exploring the dichotomies, mythologies, and suspicious underpinnings of chroma’s most fugitive player.
Ghost Town
Mar 28 - Apr 06 2024
Curator’s Statement Ghost Town is a meditation on abandoned commercial enterprises, the result of an economic or natural disaster, in towns and cities everywhere. The emptiness and decay in the iconic signs and forlorn window shops are faithfully gathered and recorded by Patrick Sansone and Richard Klein in their photographs taken during road trips and in their on-going research. The poetics that these left-behind artifacts embody are rendered in photography and assemblage as each artist navigates their own feelings about this subject. Part homage, part cautionary tale, these works evoke memories of similar signs and locations that many of us have encountered in our own travels and daily life. The messages their images telegraph to me become an endless scroll of possible narratives. Who were the people that occupied these businesses? Why did the business, and often the entire town fold? The attraction I personally have to these works is about wistfulness for the remnants of the ghosts of the past in the cruddy, faded colors, peeling paint, and broken glass. I have a long-standing interest in the Moderne Design of the 1930s-60s used both in the architecture and the lettering on these storefronts and signs, which signaled velocity, ambition, and style. There is a frailty implied in these works, often tinged with a dry sense of humor. Ellen Hackl Fagan Artist and Founder/Director of ODETTA Gallery