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The Clemente Galleries
107 Suffolk St New York
+1 212 260 4080
Wednesday - Sunday: 12 - 7 pm
Public Spaces Open Studios 22
May 20 - Aug 14 2022 - 1 day left
In conjunction with The Clemente Open Studios weekend, the 4th edition of Public Spaces Open Studios 2022, created by resident artist, Flavia Souza, will feature site-specific installations in public spaces throughout the building. Artists: Philly Abe, Carlucci Bencivenga, Brian Buckley, Linda Byrne, Lili Chin, Eteri Chkadua, Gocha Chkadua, Steve Ellis, David Friedman, Ezekiel Honig, Tine Kindermann, Nicole Parcher, Flavia Souza, Melanie Vote, Dave Vulcan, Wawrzyniec Gucewicz.
Melanie Vote
Pedro Wainer | Troels Heiredal : How do we Project?
Jun 01 - Aug 14 2022 - 1 day left
How do we project through the walls around us? How can we generate a different perception of what surrounds us? How can we see our world from a different perspective? How can we abstract everyday objects and project them back into our mind as a new element? In this installation we aim to create a space for contemplation. A place where the senses can move from their usual state to find a moment of meditation. We, Pedro Wainer & Troels Steenholdt Heiredal, will transform the studio 406 into a space where performers and audience co-create new works. A space to contemplate how we perceive and experience life.
Landscapes of Care
Aug 10 - Sep 10 2022 - 28 days left
This exhibition explores practices of care through the work of three Latin American artists. Maríángeles Blanco, María Marta Fasoli, and Sofía Quirno defy traditional approaches to ceramics, watercolors, and oil painting to interrogate the gendered politics of care. Curator: Valeria Meiller. Opening Reception: Wed, Aug 10, 6-9pm.
Sofía Quirno
Don’t Pretend You Can’t Hear
Aug 10 - Sep 10 2022 - 28 days left
Don’t Pretend You Can’t Hear is the second iteration of New Delhi based curator Phalguni Guliani’s exhibition series that spotlights female voices forging new ground in South Asian contemporary art. Working across the mediums of textile, video, painting and photography, artists from across the sub-continent come together to push beyond the neat categorizations of “feminist art” that first gained prominence in the western art world in the 1970s, by offering a fresh take on the lived experiences and salient realities of womanhood in the Global South. Curator: Phalguni Guliani. Opening Reception: Wed, Aug 10, 6-9pm.