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Friday: 2 - 6 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm
The Calling: The Transformative Power of African American Doll and Puppet Making
Oct 06 - Mar 03 2024 - 85 days left
This exhibition includes dolls and puppets created by a group of 26 nationally acclaimed multi-media artists from the African Diaspora, who came of age in communities in the United States during the height of the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movements: Kibibi Ajanku, Kay Williams Anderson, Judy Boldon Bain, Diana Baird N’Diaye, James Brown, Jr., Camila Bryce-Laporte, Karen Y. Buster, Kimberly Camp, Schroeder Cherry, Tracey Marlené Connor (photographer), IBé Crawley, Gloria Gammage Davis, Julee Dickerson-Thompson, Shimoda Donna Emanuel, Laura R. Gadson, Francine Haskins, Geraldine “Jeri” Hubbard, Ingrid Humphrey, Aundra McCoy, Sehar Peerzada, Paulette Richards, Elaine Robnett Moore, Imani W. Russell, Yolanda Sampson, Cynthia Sands, Paula Whaley. Curators: Camila Bryce-Laporte, Phyllis May-Machunda. Opening Reception: Fri, Oct 6, 6-9pm.