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Native Feminisms
Jan 13 - Mar 06 2021 - 45 days left
This exhibition presents the works of contemporary American Indian artists who identify as feminists and whose practices address intersectional issues connected to notions of Native feminisms. These issues include matrilineal traditions, indigenous futurisms, ecocriticism, land and water rights, survivance, and the fight for Native sovereignty — ongoing topics of concern, as evinced by Allen's early texts. These artists, moreover, hail from a variety of indigenous communities, and identify as Diné/Navajo, Apsáalooke, Ojibwe, and Spokane. Some of the works included manifest a strategically pan-Indian visual rhetoric, while others deal with specific issues unique to the community of the particular artist. Displaying both approaches, this show reveals the aesthetic richness and political power of Native feminist art practices today. Curator: Elizabeth S. Hawley. Opening Reception: Wed, Jan 13, 6-8pm.
Queer-y-ing the Arab: The Canary in the Freedom Mine
Mar 17 - May 15 2021
As the democratic experiment has failed once again in the Arab world, queer life and art have been the first to be vilified as countries return to more thinly-disguised dictatorial existence. Six thousand volumes of Abu Nuwas's poetry were burned in Egypt in 2001. This show is an attempt to explore and immortalize some of the incredible art born as an act of resistance and freedom. Curator: Earl of Bushwick. Opening Reception: Wed, Mar 17, 6-8pm.
Beyond Metaphor: Women and War
May 26 - Jul 31 2021
'Beyond Metaphor: Women and War' proposes to move beyond the image of women as either victims or heroines by showcasing lens-based works which address the heterogeneity of their experiences during the Algerian War of Independence. Women lived through the war as fighters, mothers, memory keepers, nurses, friends, members of a community, neighbors, actresses. They offered shelter to revolutionaries, bore arms, worried about their families, formed alliances, and experienced the conflict in their own distinct ways. By showcasing works which respond to women's experiences and recollections of the war, the exhibition's premise is to refigure women's agencies beyond the dichotomous view proposed by Fanon. Curator: Katarzyna Falęcka. Opening Reception: Wed, May 26, 6-8pm.