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Anton Kern Gallery
16 E 55th St New York
+1 212 367 9663
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Paweł Althamer : Polish Sculpture
Oct 27 - Dec 17 2022 - 14 days left
In all his sculptures, Paweł Althamer allows the material to speak and help formulate motif and narrative. The Emissaries of Light dancers are made of a hybrid material, applied onto a metal skeleton, that holds the qualities of self-drying papier mâché and the malleability of clay, resulting in a stunning natural liveliness of the figures in motion: joyous, uninhibited, and naked.
Marcel Odenbach
Oct 27 - Dec 17 2022 - 14 days left
Marcel Odenbach allows the viewer a precise glimpse into his multi-faceted practice. The exhibition consists of a video installation entitled Tropenkoller (tropical frenzy) and a wall-papered environment that includes two large paper collages and a set of silkscreen prints. Opening Reception: Thu, Oct 27, 6-8pm.